Food Safety Division


Escort iLog Logger, Mini Intelligent Logger, etc.

Lutron, Taiwan

pH meter, conductivity meter, digital caliper, torque meter, etc.

Bio Molecular Systems, Australia

• MIC2 MIC4 RT PCR Machine

Cantium Scientific, UK

• MicroBio MB2 – Air Sampler, Validation kit

Geotechnical Instruments Ltd, UK

Geotech is a UK based manufacturer and supplier of a range of gas analysis and environmental monitoring equipment.

  • CO2 Data Logging System

Interscience, France

BagFilter – Sterile Filter bag.
BagMixer – lab blenders

Panasonic, Japan

Biomedical Pharmaceutical Refrigerator, Chiller, Deep Freezer, etc.

Magnus Analytics, India

World Class Microscopes

  • Biological Microscopes - For laboratory & research applications
  • Infinity Plan Microscopes - For research applications
  • LED Microscopes - Longlife high brightness LED light source – the light of the future
  • Freedom Microscopes - Longlife LED with battery back-ups for Field Applications
  • Stereo Microscopes -For medical & hygienic applications, inspections of gems, electronic components & precision machinery components
  • Inverted Microscopes -For tissue culture applications
  • Micro Image Projection System -For educational applications
  • Microscope Adapters For Digital Imaging - For educational & research applications
  • Magnus-Pro Image Analysis Software - For arranging and measuring captured images, creating databases and preparing reports for educational & research applications

Digisystem Laboratory

Product lines include Centrifuge, Rotator, Shaker, Mixer, Dry Bath, Water Bath, Orbital Shaking Water Bath, Boiling Sterilizer, Hot Air Oven, Incubator, Differential Cell Counter, OPTIMA® Biological Microscope, Stereo Microscope, Microscope Adapter and Accessory, Cold Light Source.



















• Bacti Incinerator.


Air Safety System

BioTek, US

Elisa Reader and Washer